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1: Signs of tar-burning in the landscape
2: Building the pit
3: Tar-burning
4: Obtaining tar-rich wood
5: Draining off the tar
6: Rowing the tar
7: Barrel making
8: Making a Tar Boat

Making a Tar Boat

’Not on earth, not in the world, not under all the sky’s vault, is there such a boat-builder, a carver the likes of me.

‘He took bits of the distaff, whorls of the spindle, set about carving a boat a hundred-planked one, on a steel mountain, on an iron cliff,

Rashlyhe carved at the boat, the wooden craft recklessly; he carved one day, he carved two, soon he carved a third as well.

Kalevala 8:133-148, Original translation by Keith Bosley, Oxford University Press, 1989